Michelle Korte Leccia

Interdisciplinary Artist & Educator

16 Days


May has become a significant month in my life, a time in which my body and spirit were tested, tried, and strengthened. My son was predicted to be born on May 2nd 2011; he entered the world two weeks later, on May 16th - after 6 days of labor. The project, 16 Days, records the first weeks of May 2015, just before his fourth birthday. Messages that I received from nature (animals, elements, weather) were recorded in written text and painted images upon the wooden panel. Through building and layering, covering up and enhancing certain passages, I understood better my connection to self, memory, birth, life, and death. It’s a visual record of a conversation with nature, my subconscious, and the daily events of my life. The dreamlike projections of hands, rain or teardrops, and clouds underline the intangible and ephemeral aspects of life that we navigate everyday.



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