Michelle Korte Leccia

Interdisciplinary Artist & Educator

Glenwood Sunday Market

A simple version of The Soil Cellar was first performed at the Glenwood Sunday Market in Rogers Parks in March 2013. Within the economic and ecologic context of the farmer’s market The Soil Cellar existed between convention and social action, sculpture and public performance, art and the everyday. Wooden shelves were stacked with jars and a wheelbarrow became the receiving vessel for public offered objects. I was present to dialogue with participants about landfills, compost, alternative economies, the project’s goals and any topic the market goers wanted to address. Bringing the project into the public sphere at this juncture proved its relevance within the community.  It strengthened the market’s mission in such as way that the organizers are eager to more frequently include projects of artistic environmental activism. I will present another, fuller version aspect of the project on July 28th, 2013 at the Glenwood Sunday Market.