Michelle Korte Leccia

Interdisciplinary Artist & Educator

If She were to…

If She Were to Close Here Eyes, Even for a Second, the Whole Universe Would Disappear

The gravity of pregnancy is publicly avoided. Privately the skin stretches and bloats, the heavy body aches, and the mother-to-be keeps her fear and anticipation bound beneath tidy maternity dresses. The pregnant woman meets her primal beast; she is at once submissive and domineering.

If She Were to… is a performative photography project that unleashes the physical and emotional gravity of the experience of being pregnant. Here the body announces its weight and fatigue, pronouncing its physicality as a woman shamelessly asserts the struggle of transformation. The spiritual nature of pregnancy is delivered in the titles of each of the thirteen photographs as excerpts from creation myths derived from various cultures of goddess worship. Each image is complete, however there is an intended visual and narrative arch in viewing the series as a group.

Michelle Korte Leccia was 26 months pregnant for the first time when she made this series of self-timed photographs in the nursery bedroom.